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Staffing shortage labour day weekend

Hi everyone, just passing along a message from Roxy – she wanted us to know that both sites are extremely short on staffing this coming weekend, in both EDs and ICU. Apparently all efforts to replace nursing shifts have been made, without success. Sorry for the bad news.
Thank you all for the hard work as we near the end of summer. Almost thereā€¦


  1. Jeff Pitcher says:

    That is quite unfortunate. If the need arises (eg. Acuity of cases) will the ER be placed on critical care bypass? Is there a mechanism for this?
    If we get many high acuity cases or cases that require a transfer with a nurse then we maybe in big trouble.

    Long weekends are usually full of many fun adventurers and traumas.

    • Kirsten Jewell says:

      Good question Jeff, I passed this along to Roxy. Current discussion in place to go on Stroke Bypass (huntsville), and Criticall is aware of our staffing shortage. All staff should be requesting Ornge for patient transfers when feasible and Melissa Imre is nursing manager on call all weekend so questions about beds (especially ICU beds for critical patients) should go early to her. If we have a critical patient that needs a vent, think EARLY about calling criticall to get them out as we are not staffed to provide nursing care for them at either site this weekend. I’ll communicate this to everyone too.

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