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MD Names

Please write your name in the attending MD spot for all patients you see!!
Switchboard and med records is struggling!
Its our responsibility.

It needs to legible too!!



Please always right the time you see a patient.
Our complaince with this is dropping and leads to huge issues for coding and data tracking.
It may be even tied to funding again at some point!

Please write the PIA time ( along with your name) on every patietn’s chart you see!

THank you



The lab needs to tract every focal occult blood test strip !

If you damage one and don’t use it.. don’t throw in the garbage but return to the lab.

They need to account for every strip they buy and disperse in the hospital. All this means is each test will have a reference number on it and each test will soon have a sheet of paper attached to it.

Use the test as you want clinically. Develop it. Discard test card. Fill in the sheet attached to the test card and send it to the lab!!
This will get the test in the patients electronic chart and satisfy the lab regulatory body!!

We have to do this so our lab is following best practice. Its not an option.

thank you all,



Anyone looking to try and get rid of shifts oct 1- 5.
We have a locum doc interested in work oct 1-5 inclusive if timing works…

Email me or text me if any need as I will need to coordinate for him.

connecting ontario

Connecting ontario link is now active from your cerner screen.

You should see it .

Its a lot like OLIS but way more info as you should have heard about with the communication sent out early summer by IT and the province.
Consults, tests at other hospitals, etc!

We have it live now!!

If you don’t see toggle then email leslie.secord@mahc.ca and she will help get you set!!



New website info so check status of ornge transfers..


may be a more a clerical issue but ..
see attached if interested.


Muskoka Algonquin_re Patient Transfer Status Board _Sept 20 2018

ed director

Hi everyone,

We survived another summer! Good job!

I just wanted to put this post out …
If anyone feels I should step down as ed director then please speak up. I continue to try and fulfill the role but recognize that if someone feels that a change in director is needed please speak up.
You can email me or talk to me about this anytime!!

I also welcome meeting with anyone of you to discuss any challenges you are having in the ER and /or discuss your future goals and how I may be able to support you in these goals. Please just email me and we will book it!

I will continue to use this venue as my main source of communication of group/department/director issues.


Cellulitis care

Hi all again,

Mark and I have recently chatted about Cellulitis care in our ED’s
Practice is varied and I have a hard time following what each of us are doing.

Another example arose yesterday…Kirstin and I talked about a patient that I had already discharged from the ER a few minutes prior and I had changed from him from IV to oral antibiotics. There was a relevant wound swab with sensitivities in Adam’s mailbox! I had no idea that this had been done!! Emma had seen the gent on his last visit. Adam on his first visit. Now me. Then seeing Roy on monday coming up. Oh boy….

The po clindamycin alone was not enough and so I tracked him down and added cipro to get his two bacteria covered!!

My point is that following these cases is hard for us all.
Just thought I should open this discussion for people to comment, help make a protocol maybe?, talk about further at our group meetings?

Intersting article attached here too…older article but not sure there is more recent comparison…

Just to add to the discussion…


Please document all your follow-up of results in cerner ( make a progress note) or write and have scanned into chart.
It helps cover you and helps with patient care.

patients calling

Hi all,

Health records in both sites are getting many calls form patients asking for results of tests done in ER.
Patients are consistently telling staff that a doctor or nurse has told them to call in three days or so to get results!

Hospital staff can’t give out results over the phone so patients are getting upset and time is being wasted.
Please if you are doing this please change your practice .
If I am worried about a test or awaiting a culture I call/follow up with the patient myself or I have them call their family doctor/NP even if that person is out of town. Their primary care can help you with this! Yes – I know – many don’t have primary care….

Please don’t put our hospital staff in this predicament though please.