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PECARN Febrile infant tool

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Critical results communication ( DI)

I added the document outlining the communication of critical results into media if you are interested. The latest revision was adding DVT.

ISITE comments

Please put your interpretation for every diagnostic test that you interpret without a radiology report in isite. Its a pivotal way to trigger our critical result pathway if you miss something on a x-ray, ct or misinterpret an ultrasound tech report .

I recently misinterpreted an ultrasound tech report so please put your comments in for ultrasounds too!

locum seeking shifts

Hi all, If you re interested in giving shifts aug 16-22 or aug 5-8 inclusive let me know asap at either hospital . If I can string together shifts a locum will come up. Maybe this will let you pick up another open shift??hint hint!

Tuesday mock

If anyone is free roughly 1 – 3pm or so on this coming Tuesday.  We have a mock event on Tuesday in Bracebridge. Any ED doc that is interested in this please text me or call me and I can give details! Keep confidential please.

looking to give shifts?

If anyone wants to potentially give up shifts july 5-11 inclusive let me know.

A locum is interested coming that timeframe but we have no open shifts that week. If I don’t hear from those of you working in this timeframe by sunday am I will assume you don’t want to give any shifts away.

Flood help

Just to make sure you all know that Paula is collecting any donation for Shelley and family ( Er nurse Shelley) to help with repair/care/etc of their home that was severely affected by the flood. E transfer Paula or give her cash.


Form One intake

Please be aware that you do not have to wait for a CMH assessment to send the package for admission consideration for a form one patient to OSMH!! Attached is OSMH intake form!! Of coarse if you feel that a CMH assessment may help create a safety plan or that CMH may very well come up with a plan to care for the patient out of hospital then I would certainly indicate this on sending the intake package or wait for CMH….

Airway boxes

Please look at the example of the airway boxes in both ER’s and provide me any feedback you have within the next week. These are going to be on each crash cart,one in each ICU , and one for transfers and looked after by RT’s. They aren’t meant to take the place of our full carts but provide a basic set of standard things that are at hand/available throughout the hospital. AND THAT ARE THE SAME EACH SITE AND PLACE! Thanks!

Bracebridge Walk-in Changes

Just an FYI that the Rexall walk-in clinic in Bracebridge has changed their policies. They are strongly encouraging patients who are already rostered to other doctors to see their own physician. They will not refuse to see them, but are putting up some resistance to it. They will continue to see patients who are NOT rostered, as a walk-in service.