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It recently was brought up, and then discussed at the ED committee level, about pitfalls of communication and methods to communicate information of interest to staff in both ED’s.

Communicating key points of interest to members is a challenge… as what may be very important to one member is totally not relevant to another.

I try to communicate out what has a big clinical impact or will change your world in the practice of medicine without boring you.
I also try to communicate out things that may be of interest or has been of interest in the past ( like flooring changes in HDMH or parking changes in SMMH). I mention these examples specifically as they may seem silly to some but created a lot of debate and spitfire for others!!

Moving forward…
All ED committee minutes when finalized will be on this website. They also will be in sharepoint.
Team leads at both sites will include all ER MD’s in their update emails ( like happens in HDMH by Sara now).

I enjoy these team lead updates and taking the 30 seconds to a minute to scan them and then read what I need is huge value.

Likewise if you encounter an issue that you want to communicate out please use the website and get it out!!
or talk to me and I am happy to engage.

Further – If you have ideas about efficacy, practice improvement, quality improvement , flow ideas, etc don’t hold back but get them out there and lets see how we can carry them forward ( or you can carry them forward!)

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