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Please everyone look at the two options that cerner is pushing on us for an ED factsheet.

Both er’s have copies of them for you to look at and a binder for you to write your name and comments in. Deadline for feedback is oct 11.

Please speak up or forever hold your peace. Write your thoughts .

Write your suggested modifications.

These options are getting forced on all hospitals that bought cerner.

Reactivate clinic

Dr Rich Trenholm would like to consider presenting or talking to our ed groups to tell him what his clinic has to offer for patients ( sports med consult with him or Dr Pierre Mikhail, chiro, massage, physio, etc).

I think many of us know what is at the clinic and that sports med related referrals can be ohip covered with a referral but I am just reaching out on his behalf to the group of there is interest in a discussion.

Let me know if you are interested. depending on interest then he will decide how to efficiently meet/discuss/plan)

Huntsville ER

Anyone upset if the fixed mount computer in the trauma room is removed as this has been suggested by nursing leadership?

Never gets used, taking up space and hope to use elsewhere!

A WOW gets pulled in whenever needed and is preferable to the nurses.

Just asking before pulled.

Barrie cardio visit

Hi all, Anyone interested in joining me and Sanjay Jindal on oct 8th at Three guys and a Stove? I think 6 or 6:30pm start for dinner and discussion with cardiology from RVH! To hear the update of their program and understand when they are online for STEMI’s, etc!! Numbers capped at about 10.
first to sign up will be in! text or email direct to me.

SMMH er shifts

Hi all,

Please send me an email confirming what shifts you picked up in July that qualified for the incentive . I need confirmation from each of you this applies too to try and get pay aug 15th from hospital and to let Liz Coombs know.

ALSO – last two shifts not covered in august in SMMH aug 25th and aug 26th nights!! If night doesn’t worked for you then we can try and swap things around!! Both qualify for the $500 incentive per shift too of coarse!!

I have talked to many, many locus about these and no luck so far…


If you have a concern with a etas level then please send the mrn, initials and visit day to carmen.shakespeare@mahc.ca or scan the facesheet to her . She has taken Leslie Secords role and is actively looking at how we can use/modify/educate around ectas to make cats levels more in line with what is practical for the patient.

The nurses or us can send information to Carmen so please don’t just complain about the ctas levels try and do something about it.

community mental health huntsville

Please see themessage in media about the change in Huntsville office for CMH

Open Shifts SMMH

For regular shifts ( day, evening, nights) that are still open in July and August there is now a $500 incentive per shift available ( $400 from hospital and $100 from group). This is not available currently for the 13-19 shift.

Please let me know what you pick up of these shifts and we can log this to ensure you get paid.

Critical results communication ( DI)

I added the document outlining the communication of critical results into media if you are interested. The latest revision was adding DVT.

ISITE comments

Please put your interpretation for every diagnostic test that you interpret without a radiology report in isite. Its a pivotal way to trigger our critical result pathway if you miss something on a x-ray, ct or misinterpret an ultrasound tech report .

I recently misinterpreted an ultrasound tech report so please put your comments in for ultrasounds too!