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Critical lab results

If anyone gets a critical result in their mailbox for a micro/lab test that they didn’t get a call from or the patent wasn’t admitted…
Please let me know!!

I just got one for a joint culture for a patient with a septic joint!!

the critical result pathways of a phone chain exists to timely get this info to the MD that needs to know and for the patient!!
If you don’t know the pathway of phone calls let me know or it is on sharepoint.



  1. Kersti Kents says:


    What is our obligation to address positive results on patients if we were never involved in their care? Is there a hospital policy surrounding this issue?


    • John Simpson says:

      No hospital policy on it that I know of.
      Problem is if we learn of a positive result then we are involved in care I believe from a college point of view and moral point of view.

      That’s why it is so important to follow the critical results pathway. Only involve minimal people too.
      That’s my thought anyway

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