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HDMH traige move?

I just learned yesterday that nursing has put forward a proposal to the hospital to move traige into the existing space of FT 1 and FT2.
This would eliminate FT1 and FT2.

They want to so this before summer.

Main motivations..
1) safety of triage nurse as then they are ” in” the ED department behind locked door.
2) the traige nurse then can more easily help with care of patients in the ER ( float to care) when not in triage. This would increase nursing hands to help with care.

Bob and Sara have been involved some with Diane George on this one. I haev not been involved till now.

If you have ideas about how to re purpose other space the ER to help flow then please speak up or if you have thoughts on this please speak up.

I have had some discussions re puposing Bob’s space, quiet room, and maybe capturing space in the back entrance as well.


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