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lab critical results at night!

Hi all,
The lab critical result pathway has been modified slightly…

Between 11pm and 7 am if a critical lab/micro result comes available ( blood culture, csf result, etc) ordered through the ER and the patient was sent home….

The result will be called direct to the ER doc at the treating hospital site. Please take this result and decide on appropriate action. May need to call patient in middle of night? or call the ordering doctor in the am? or call the family doctor in the am and confirm they can follow it up? I would suggest always letting the ordering MD know that a result has come up and how it was handled.

Just a few examples. Please then document what you did. I just document these things directly in the cerner chart of the patient as a clinical note.

This supports good patient care and supports each other as docs.
If you wish to review the full lab/micro curtail result pathway please just look on sharepoint or I can get it sent to you.

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