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New gear for trauma …

Hi Guys,


Just wanted to throw out a couple ideas to improve our trauma care …

  1. Tourniquets

Pierre had a gunshot extremity the other day and it would have been very useful to have one of these which are pretty cheap https://www.amazon.com/Application-Tourniquet-Improved-Version-American/dp/B00MA6XVVC.  I think Bob is looking into this but I think the group should support him in this regard and have Kathy and Nancy support him so that both sites have access to three or four of these very useful items ..

2. Pelvic Binders

Had a reason to use one of these the other day and frankly sheets are tuff to make stay … I like the T-pod best but it is expensive and some interventionalists don’t like them when they are trying to do immobilization but what can you do …

Here’s a quick link … http://www.trauma.org/index.php/main/article/657/

T-Pod -http://www.pyng.com/products/t-podcombat/

Would love to know what others think about these ideas…

Take care,


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