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SMMH er shifts

Hi all,

Please send me an email confirming what shifts you picked up in July that qualified for the incentive . I need confirmation from each of you this applies too to try and get pay aug 15th from hospital and to let Liz Coombs know.

ALSO – last two shifts not covered in august in SMMH aug 25th and aug 26th nights!! If night doesn’t worked for you then we can try and swap things around!! Both qualify for the $500 incentive per shift too of coarse!!

I have talked to many, many locus about these and no luck so far…


If you have a concern with a etas level then please send the mrn, initials and visit day to carmen.shakespeare@mahc.ca or scan the facesheet to her . She has taken Leslie Secords role and is actively looking at how we can use/modify/educate around ectas to make cats levels more in line with what is practical for the patient.

The nurses or us can send information to Carmen so please don’t just complain about the ctas levels try and do something about it.

community mental health huntsville

Please see themessage in media about the change in Huntsville office for CMH

Open Shifts SMMH

For regular shifts ( day, evening, nights) that are still open in July and August there is now a $500 incentive per shift available ( $400 from hospital and $100 from group). This is not available currently for the 13-19 shift.

Please let me know what you pick up of these shifts and we can log this to ensure you get paid.

SMMH Ultrasound

Please make an effort to use ( to test it!!) the Zonaire ultrasound in SMMH. It is supposed to be fully repaired and functional. The Sonosite has currently been removed as it is only a loaner . Let me know please by email or text when you have used in the next couple of weeks and that it is functioning ok or not ok!! Thanks John

Transfer of Care OPP to ER

Please take a moment to read this algorithm for transfer of care of patients brought in by OPP under the mental health act or with concerns of a mental health issue. You will see that if we are going to detain a patient under these circumstances we need to have the patient’s MD assessment and form one completed or at minimum an order for a FORM one on the chart.

dialysis patients admitted

If you are admitting any dialysis patient followed at OSMH nephrology want to be called with goal of admitting them at OSMH! Even peritoneal!


Ct tech is now onsite ( most weekday evenings) till 11:30pm!!

THIS IS GOOD! I see Kersti already posted a post in the SMMH sleep room with this! haha!! I just edited to say weekdays!

If they are onsite on the weekday you don’t need to call radiology to protocol CT’S or approve them until after 9 pm!!

Still fill out a req for contrast studies and follow same weekend policy at present.

recovery room for consults

If a patient is waiting a surgical consult and you need the space in the ER then consider sending the patient to wait ( and/or be monitored) in the recovery room during our reno’s!! Nursing Manager has agreed to this and COS confirmed this today with me!! Another way to alleviate congestion maybe!!

Orders outside directives

Anyone else have recent examples of tests being ordered outside of any directive? I had extended lytes preordered by nursing this am and a d -dimer pre-ordered by nursing on sunday. I didn’t want either of these things done! waste of money and I and I didn’t want results.

I spoke to both nurses in SMMH about these issues and spoke to the nursing manager too. Is this only happening to me? as Manager wants to know if nurses are repeatedly working outside their scope.

Please email me or text me, within the next week, if you have examples or a concern about this and I will take either no concerns or concerns back to the manager.