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Pediatric urgent psych referrals (RVH)

Just a quick reminder (which was new information for me tonight) – for our adolescent mental health patients we can make a referral to the psych “Urgent Consult Clinic” at RVH. This is for adolescents ages 12-17 who are safe to be discharged but need psych follow up within 48h (ideally). They will be seen either in person or by OTN by a multidisp. team of an RN, social worker, and psychiatrist. This is supposed to be a one-time visit for consult &¬†recommendations only.

Referral forms can be found in the MENTAL HEALTH BINDER in Huntsville (apparently there is a specific urgent consult clinic binder somewhere in Bracebridge too? We couldnt find it in Huntsville tonight)

Thought I’d pass this along as I’m pretty sure I had never heard of this service before and it sounds useful!

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