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Sedations/scope of practice

If you sedate a patient then you are responsible for the patients airway and all issues related to sedation. I beleive this is clear as standard of care.

Nurses or allied health should not be asked to work outside of their scope of practice. This has happened in the ER and we should each support one another to work within our scope of practice.

Nurses should not be asked to push medications (ex. propofol) and left with a deeply sedated patient on their own.

Any questions please feel free!

thank you


  1. Emma Love says:

    There are many times I can think of where I need both hands for the procedure I’m doing. Can’t we delegate to the nurses to administer meds (I’m telling them how much to give)? I’m unsure how I would do many procedures otherwise unless calling in back up…

    • John Simpson says:

      Yes we can do that for sure. I do that too. I also use RT more now than ever.
      This email I have sent out as a heads up after much discussion with nursing. ER docs are not the ones they are worried about.

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