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Tie it up?

Hey all,

does any want or feel we need 6.0 nylon and vicryl suture in the ER?

The OR is trying to standardize ordering with us to save money and reduce expiring stock…

please way in before next friday if we need or need both..


  1. Jeff Pitcher says:

    I don’t need the 6.0 so I would be fine with that.

    However, I would like to have larger bottle of chlorhexidine. I understand they got smaller bottles for “sterility” however there are many times with big lacerations or mucky ones I need the big bottles.
    If they are worried about sterility they sell a bottle with a pump dispenser why not get those?
    I don’t really understand how a solution which kills bacteria can become contaminated? Unless it’s the outside of the bottle – but if that’s the case don’t pour your own solution with dirty gloves.

    I have also stopped applying polysporin to lacerations because the nurses throw the whole tube out or give it to the patient after because of infection control’s concerns re. contamination.
    Why not just keep the polysporin in the med room and have the nurses squeeze it into a medicine cup? Less waste.

    While I am on a tangent,
    Can we stop the nurses from ordering urine C&S’s? (The only reason to order this is if the patient is septic, they are a child, have recurrent uti’s, have renal failure or have pyelonephritis etc…) I think that could save the hospital some money.

  2. Kersti Kents says:

    I like at least one type of absorbable 6-0 for fine work on the face. I don’t think we need both.

  3. Emma Love says:

    I didn’t actually know that we had 6-0 absorbable?? Can’t recall seeing it around. But something smaller for fingertip lacs would be nice as the plastic surgeons always request absorbable.
    I do use 6-0 on the face also.

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