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summer plans

Hi all,

Please start thinking ahead if you have ideas to help us all to manage the upcoming summer boom!

I am meeting with radiology to try and plan re early morning CT’s, ensuring ultrasound coverage as good as can be, etc!

We could use the 6 hours overlap money differently if wanted? maybe do 4 hour overlap shifts and then have shift overlap other days instead too…
These kind of thoughts…

Novel ideas of flow/efficiency may be lurking in your head so thing about brainstorming with all!


Critical lab results

If anyone gets a critical result in their mailbox for a micro/lab test that they didn’t get a call from or the patent wasn’t admitted…
Please let me know!!

I just got one for a joint culture for a patient with a septic joint!!

the critical result pathways of a phone chain exists to timely get this info to the MD that needs to know and for the patient!!
If you don’t know the pathway of phone calls let me know or it is on sharepoint.


U tube Trauma

Hey all,

Here is the link for the Trauma little video I just emailed out as it seems to not work for some.

Quick – easy – share as you want!

I emailed the link the friends at several other hospitals for fun..


Have fun.

open shifts extra money!

Hi all,

Please look at the 7 remaining open shifts in Bracebridge between feb 26th and end of march…

$25 per hour incentive now approved for anyone picking up these hours….

I am not anticipating open shifts in the next schedule ( Tony sending out this evening)….

This incentive can apply for Jeffs feb 26th afternoon shift too ( which he posted and needs covered for its c section day!!)

Ask your friends and feel free to direct them to me.
HFO has posted a locum add for us to try and get these filled too admit many other things explored!!

Any questions please text me or email me direct.

KING vision

Hi all,

after over a year of negotiation.

We have final approval to order the KING VISION ( “a” blade system with ET tube track, along with paediatric adaptor and peds blades). I think the KING vision peds addition will be a great replacement for the airtrac peds as they expire.

Does anyone feel strongly we need to trial them before we just buy them for both ER”S??
Admin wants me to ask this question.

If anyone wants the full story from me just text or call me. If anyone feels strongly that this is something we don’t need or want ( and need to trial before buying) then let me know.
No response means you are ok with each department getting this and will consider using it!!


Please ensure you follow-up all your results in a timely manner.
If you are away find someone else to check your mail for you.

Try to verify contact info too for patients as you can and ensure that staff verify the personnel information if you see the “personal information sheet not verified” on the chart!!

We have had to send police to find patients a couple times recent! And many people are still dealing with a sentinel case (from 2015) that patient was never contacted about their positive blood culture and died!
If you can’t contact the patient to give them results ( for some reason) and need help to guide/support …call me and I will help direct you.

Tie it up – feedback

6.0 absorbable and non – absorbable is the vote by the majority!

Both stay!
thanks for the feedback

Tie it up results!

Hi all,
overwhelming majority want 6.0 absorbable and non – absorbable !
Both stay!
thanks for all the feedback!!

admits SMMH internal med

Please document on all admissions who MRP is when admitting to internal medicine.

Dr Moran is declining calls by ICU and ER staff saying he is not MRP despite the ED doc having handed over the patient.

Please if you admit someone and wait till the am to call the internist ( or any mrp) please close the loop and advise nursing to document the MRP informed ( or write it on the chart).

I was asked to spread this word by the chair of internal medicine

ultrasound trials!!

Due to a generous directed donation to HDMH a new ER ultrasound is in the WINGS!!
With a new one being purchased then will then have a “spare” in HDMH that could be used if service needed on HDMH machine or SMMH machine!

Anyone welcome to trial any machine anytime if they would like.

sonosite edge 2 in service jan 16, demo jan 17 – 21
zonare TE7 inservice jan 23, demo jan 24 – 28
philips sparq inservice cardio feb1, general feb 2, demo feb 3 – 7
GE Venue 50 inservice feb 13, demo feb 14-18

SMMH docs you guys/ladies welcome too!!