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ED reno and DI

Please consider protocoling and getting CT’s running to coincide with day staff arrival for patients you are holding overnight for CT. Example: a patient that needs a CT abdo and needs oral contrast should be starting their contrast at 6:30-7am! Likewise if you have more than one patient waiting for CT to arrive in the morning… then maybe you should consider calling in CT (on call) to expedite care and try to minimize bottlenecks in care. With our reduced capacity bottlenecks are gonna have a much bigger impact and this is more way to reduce ED LOS for patients.

Ultrasound – if waiting overnight then make sure your req is in and communicate with the ultrasound tech as early as 7:30am ( on their arrival) to see when they can do that ED ultrasound.

DI leadership and Dr Chait are aware of these issues.

If you want to talk more about this pls let me know.

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